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Training Courses

All in-home private sessions start with an initial consultation that is between 60-75 minutes. We will chat about your goals, issues you may be having, management skills, and how we will reach your goals. We will then jump right into a training session. You will get a training plan emailed to you within 48 hours to make sure we stay on track and so you won't have to take notes. 

Each follow-up session is 60-minutes with homework as needed. Packages are available at a discounted rate and will be discussed at the end of our first session.

My goal is to give you the skills you need to help you with your current dog and give you skills to use on future dogs!

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Training Courses

Virtual Sessions are also offered

Puppy Training


It is never too early to begin training with your puppy. I recommend training begins the moment you bring your puppy home. This is the time to help mold them into a happy and confident adult dog. We will go over crate training, potty training, puppy biting, socialization (hint: It isn't just about playing with other dogs!), automatic behaviors, handling skills, loose leash walking, and so much more! These are skills that last a lifetime and will help prevent any unwanted behaviors in the future. 



3-pk $349       ($116/session)

5-pk $570       ($114/session) 

7-pk $781       ($111/session)

10-pk $1,080 ($108/session)

Basics & Manners Training


A dog is never too old to learn new skills! This training is for dogs that may display some unwanted behaviors at home like excitability, counter-surfing, pulling on the leash, or for new dog owners that want to have continued education for their dogs! During our sessions, we will focus on building your dog(s) skillset that will help you achieve your goals. We will focus on not teaching them party tricks but teach them behaviors that can be life saving like a solid recall, help with exercise with loose leash walking, how to politely greet guests, how to relax at restaurants, work towards earning their Canine Good Citizen certificate, and even more! 



3-pk   $436       ($145/session)

5-pk   $712       ($142/session)

7-pk   $976       ($139/session)

10-pk $1,350    ($135/session)

Behavior Modification


Does your dog bark and lunge towards people/dogs while you are walking? Guard their food or toys from you? Having issues in the home with guests or other family members? Or are you experiencing a difficulty leaving the home without your dog howling and panicking? Don't worry, you are not alone! So many dog owners experience this and aren't sure how to change their dog's behavior. It can be embarrassing and even cause stress in our life. I am here to help. This is much more intensive training and I will help you come up with a management plan and how we will change their behavior to help both you and your dog feel better. 



3-pk   $509.25     

5-pk   $166.25       

7-pk   $1,139.25       

10-pk $1,575  

Day Training


I will be working with your dog either inside your home or going to dog-friendly places to improve their skills. You will receive videos of what we work on and homework to continue the behavior.

The Day Train will be a max of 2 hours. This is done with just me and your dog. These sessions can be once a week or twice a week. 



4-pk   $634

6-pk   $930

10-pk $1,568

Overnight Pet Sit/Board and Train


I stay overnight inside your home while you are away. I can just do regular pet sitting with enrichment, exercise, walks, and cuddles included. I can also do training during this time too for an extra fee. You will receive a private youtube playlist with videos from the training and an email with what to continue to work on. 


$150/night for pet sit

$200/night for overnight with training

Canine Good Citizen Test


This is for dogs ready to take their Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC). If you aren't sure if your dog is ready, contact me and we can discuss if your dog is ready!

Test is $25

Wedding Pet Attendant


Getting married and worried about who will handle your dog(s) at your wedding? This certified dog trainer can help! This service includes-


2 Hours at Event

1 Dog

50 Miles Travel Radius

Photo Assistance 

Potty and water breaks

Dressing your pup

Aisle Escorting

Ceremony Assistance 


Taking your pup(s) to the wedding and back home

Extra hours

Number of Pets



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Services: Testimonials

"Whitney is a dog whisperer! I have a 4 month old puppy and after one session with Whitney I learned so much to help with my puppy chasing the cats, responding to her name, some enriching exercises, and much more. Her training plans are so easy to understand and contains so many resources and explanations. I highly recommended her to anyone thinking about adopting a puppy or anyone who has a dog as I have learned so much that is crucial to raising a fur baby. I recommended her 1,000%"

Freyja's Mom!

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