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Basics & Manners

For Dogs 6 months and older

A dog is never too old to learn new skills! This training is for dogs that may display some unwanted behaviors at home like excitability, counter-surfing, pulling on the leash, or for new dog owners that want to have continued education for their dogs! During our sessions, we will focus on building your dog(s) skillset that will help you achieve your goals. We will focus on not teaching them party tricks but teach them behaviors that can be life saving like a solid recall, help with exercise with loose leash walking, how to politely greet guests, how to relax at restaurants, work towards earning their Canine Good Citizen certificate, and even more! 



3-pk   $436       ($145/session)

5-pk   $712       ($142/session)

7-pk   $976       ($139/session)

10-pk $1,350    ($135/session)

Beginners & Basic Manners Training: Text
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