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Behavior Modification

(Reactivity, Aggression, Resource Guarding,
& Separation Anxiety)

Does your dog bark and lunge towards people/dogs while you are walking? Guard their food or toys from you? Having issues in the home with guests or other family members? Or are you experiencing a difficulty leaving the home without your dog howling and panicking? Don't worry, you are not alone! So many dog owners experience this and aren't sure how to change their dog's behavior. It can be embarrassing and even cause stress in our life. I am here to help. This is much more intensive training and I will help you come up with a management plan and how we will change their behavior to help both you and your dog feel better. 



3-pk   $509.25     

5-pk   $166.25       

7-pk   $1,139.25       

10-pk $1,575  

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